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Cruisin' For The Trades Car Show

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Dan Cummings - Owner 

I've spent years working with some great shops, learning from some of the best around. I take pride in my work and knowing where I came from. Wyo-Tech graduate - Collision Repair, Street Rod and Metal Fabrication, Custom Paint.


My goal is to offer many options for any type of enthusiast. Whether your goal is to have a daily driver, trailer queen to take to shows, or anything in between. I love this industry and want to keep the passion alive by putting your old wheels back on the road. 

Over the years, I've noticed that most shops tend to take on more work than they can handle. Unfortunately it results in their cars sitting, untouched for years at a time. Most people end up angry and have no idea where their money went, with an unfinished car. Bombers Garage will offer quality work, in a timely fashion. Once you are in line, you stay there until completion. We strive to keep the passion for classic and custom autos alive. That's our mission and we take pride in it. 


Teresa Cropped.jpg

Teresa Smith

(Momma Bomber)

Gentry cropped.jpg

Gentry Smith (Papa Bomber)

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Jeff Witt (JWitt)


Jason Moore


Some of Our work

Surprise! Son builds parents their dream cars, bringing them to tears.

Surprise! Son builds parents their dream cars, bringing them to tears.